Rotary Roasters

Rotary Roasters     Rotary Roasters
Automatic Roasters equipped with practicality and multiple functions. It is a highly practical roaster that can handle a wide range of food items including Nuts, Spices, Grains, cereals, Ayurvedic Herbs, Oriental medicinal herbs, dried seafood , various tea and powders since the equipment is not limited in its application by the size or format of the material input.
Uniformity of product is achieved by 3 dimensional agitation by the agitating blades which are attached inside the drum and the rotation of the drum enables even distribution and roasting of the material, achieving uniformity in the quality of the product, at all the times.
Downward rotational system that discharge the material at once. Products in the drum, even during the short period of their presence in the heater, rapidly undergo roaster due to heat inertia. Sakav has device a downward rotational discharge system that minimizes the time spent in the drum and thereby preventing transformation of the product due to the remnant heat in the roaster, avoiding the product from being burnt.
Minimization of Moisture contents through Open Mouth format drum, with fabrication of open format drum structure, moisture released at the time of
heating is immediately released out of the drum, achieving minimization of moisture content. As such, shelf life of the product is substantially extended. Furthermore it achieves higher product quality and maintains a clean taste by immediately discharging duct and carbonated gas.
Rotary Roasters Hygienic Fabrication that is appropriate for product manufacturing With use of Stainless Steel for contact part, hygiene in manufacturing is achieved. The drum is designed in the format similar to pot and can be adjusted in a wide range of angles allowing ease of cleaning following completion of an operation.
Controls PID precision control of product temperature with solid sate relay for long life of heaters. Speed is controlled by AC frequency drive for step less variable control. The operation of Loading, Roasting, and Unloading is completely automatic.
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