We specialize in Design, Manufacture and Supply of Electric and FluIeD Fired Roasters.

SAKAV was started in the 27th February 2014 as a proprietary organization, wholly dedicated to indigenous development and production of various standard & custom-built Roasters.
Roasters are generally required by Food, Pharmaceutical, Laboratory, Dairy and Various Industrial Applications.
It is an Part of M/s Sakav, which has more than 25 years of experience in manufacturing of Ovens Dryers and Furnaces. Major reason for our flawless reputation in these fields may be attributed mainly to :
  Completely indigenous know-how.
  Constant upgradation in Design procedures to keep pace with the latest Technology.
  Active after-sales back up to cater commissioning and Erection supervision if necessary.
  High level R & D activities to accommodate most modern trend for various application.
  Realistic delivery schedule adhered to, for completion of various custom built equipment.
We have a team of about 8 people with 1Engineers, 4 Technicians and other support staff. Committed to technical excellence, the firm lays special emphasis on the people it employs. Quality, not quantity, is the motto and every person is tested for knowledge and dedication to his work before being offered a chance to become a member of the family of select workers. The facility employs the services of 4 skilled workers and their love of their work is every product turned out by their firm.
Following is a brief resume of the key personnel in SAKAV Roaters.
Radhika Shirsat
Experience of over 20 years in Government Service and 3 Years in Business. Looking After Marketing Sales Administration, Production and After Sales Service
Vinit Shirsat
Technical Advisor
Experience over 25 years in the capital goods industry. An Electrical engineer, with specialization in Instrumentation, his prime responsibility is design and engineering of Roasters.

Since our inception in 27th February 2014 we have been continuously and diligently working towards developing indigenously, a range of ROASTERS with our In-house capabilities

We have a well-laid out workshop at Boisar, Thane Dist. In Maharashtra State (Around 150 Km. away from Bombay) with adequate fabrication and machining facilities to take up the jobs. We have full-fledged separate departments for design, production, inspection, planning and stores to take care of various aspects of jobs from raw materials to finishing stages. We also have regular established relationship with standard subcontractors to supply us the boughtout components like castings, Forging, Fabrication, Machining and Panels in case our Factory gets overloaded.

The QA Plans are always decided before executing every job to set standards for manufacture and workmanship and fall under two categories i. e. Quality checks for boughtout components and Quality checks for goods manufactured at our Works.

The bought-out components are usually electric motors, gearboxes, castings, forging, etc.

For electric motors, type test and are taken and necessary test certificates collected for the relevant electric motors.

For gear boxes, usually visual and dimensional inspection and noload running trial are witnesses by our Inspector and test certificates for materials used for various components are submitted by the gear box manufacturers.

In case of castings, the test for the composition of the materials as well as the physical properties are taken from Government approved Testing Laboratories to ensure proper quality of the casting and also the visual and dimensional check up of the same after the casting is made and after completion of machining.

Electrical Components are tested for their rated capacity and voltage.

For items manufactured by us at our factory, the quality assurance plan starts from identification of raw materials to the final inspection and dispatch of the equipment. The raw materials are bought with test certificates, in the absence of which, chemical analysis and physical property check of the same are taken to ensure that proper materials are used in manufacture. During manufacture, the sub-assemblies are subjected to visual and dimensional check-up and also various fit-ups during manufacture and assembly are checked and recorded. After the final assembly of the equipment, dimensional check and visual inspection are done and no-load running trial of the equipment taken, if it is called for.

In-house inspection is being done at every stage of fabrication and daily/ weekly reports are prepared for each and every item/ stage.

The testing of a SAKAV oven or furnace is done with the same care and attention to detail as the design and manufacturing stages. Without exhaustive testing, we would, in effect, be asking our customers to do the testing for us. That’s not the way we do things at Sakav.

No SAKAV product gets its nameplate until it passes our rigorous test procedure. Our family name is on the door…anything less than the best won’t do.

  Turning Lathe 2 m and 1 m Long   Argon Welding Machine 200 A   Arc Welding Machine 200 A - 1 No.
  Arc Welding Machine 750 A - 2 No.   Spot Welding Machine   Complete set of material handling tools
  Flexible shaft Grinder   Bench Drill   Marking Table
  Compressor   Cutting 3mm   Bench Press 1 m Deep
  Bench Press   Bench Grinder   Test Bench
  Hack-saw machine   Pipe Bending machine  
  Complete set of portable tools comprising of Angle grinder, Straight grinder, Drills, Blowers, Sanders, etc.
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